sábado, 6 de febrero de 2010

Even Family

They are so many people that don't understand us. We aren't so different after all. We all have two eyes, two hands, two ears, one heart. Why are we so locked? It is only fear, believe me, the homophobic people doesn't understand us, they don't care for our feelings, for them we are only a stupid rock in the middle of the road. So many times they are people that you know,your friends, even your family. My story is something like this:
  I am gay. I never told mi parents anything. Only my closer friends know it, but one day my dear mother found some messages on my mobile phone. After that , mi mother sad me that gay people suck, and they will burn in hell, they are only some perverse persons, they are a shame and she doesn't want a shame in the family. I didn't talk to her many days. 
...     ...     ...    ...     ...       ...
When my father know that i am gay, he came one day to my room and he told me i'll better go on drugs. He doesn't accept a gay in the family. I didn't listen to him and i go to bed. At september sixth in the morning i went to the highschool too pick up some  results. I went home and then started .....
My mother gone nuts, she hit me, and she said i'm not part from the family. I was confussed. She give me two big suitcases and i put in some of my clothes , my passport, and i left home. I went to my boyfriend's house in Malaga for a few days, then i returned to my country, Romania. In may i will go to Malaga with my boyfriend and his parents. I am lucky. I love them so much, they are my family.
I think my parents are realizing the mistake they did, but maybe it's too late. Too much suffering. Too much pain. What should i do? 

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  1. There is no right to what they did, I'm sure they repent, but will be too late. Honey I'm here for everything, I love you, kisses.